Engineering Competition!

Cameron’s idea came from his partner’s brother, who lives with epilepsy. Kristen’s idea was designed to make life easier for her friend with spinal cord injuries. Jamie developed a tool to enable a family friend with arthritis to drive a car.


What will spark your idea?

Photo by Judita Tamošiūnaitė from Pexels

We all live, work with, know people who live with disabilities, or have a disability ourselves.


But what if you could use your engineering skills and your innovation to design a product that could improve access for people living with disabilities? are looking for ground-breaking product ideas from Undergraduate Engineering students designed to make life easier for either people living with a specific disability, or people living with a common symptom. You’ll have to show how your product is different from any other on the market at the moment, why it’s important and who it’s designed for.

Image by Matej on Pexels


The winner will get a £5000 investment by and Bang Creations to work on a prototype of the design!

Find out how to apply and the full entry criteria on the website. The deadline is the 27th February, so get your innovation head on!



The King’s Careers Take: Yes, winning will look great on your CV, but taking part is really the thing that counts for your future employability. Designing a product will get you thinking about what you want from your future career; do you enjoy the product design process, or the marketing side; did you enjoy working by yourself, or do you want to work in a team?

Whatever your experiences, you’ll discover more about yourself, and apply for the right opportunities later on!