Competition highlight with Mercedes-Benz – innovate an app concept!

Interested in idea generation and using your innovation towards employable projects in the auto industry? Today, we’re highlighting an interesting and exciting app challenge brought by Mercedes-Benz, open to students from every field.

The following competition and description were provided by Agorize:

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In-Car Coding Community for students & individuals

Mercedes-Benz invites students from the King’s College London to come up with ideas for innovative apps for their vehicles.  You can develop solutions around 2 categories: In-Car App or Mobile App.


Participate now for a chance to pitch your idea in front of Mercedes-Benz’s top-executives in Germany and get an internship/job opportunity and also the chance to implement your idea.



The challenge is open to every study field, no technical skills needed. You will need to be a student enrolled in a post-secondary institution or a recent graduate, up to 1 year after the obtention of your diploma.

Process: submit your idea in a 10 slide PowerPoint file on the platform.


Where to start?

1) Register on the Mercedes-Benz platform

2) Create, or join a team using our fantastic matching tool

3) Upload your idea in your participating space before the deadline of October 17th, 2020.


Good luck and have fun!

Mercedes-Benz & Agorize




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