Competition alert: Test your innovation skills in game design with Audiomob

Today we’re highlighting another exciting competition opportunity for students at King’s. Are you interested in a career in game design? Want to dive into some of the issues the industry is tackling today and put your innovation skills to the test?

Picture of a lightbulbThe below was provided to us by Audiomob:

What is it?

A mobile game design competition held to explore how great game design can live in harmony with quality monetisation, without interrupting players. This competition essentially asks a question: How might audio ads be integrated into games in ways that are creative, impactful, and work with the games world, rather than against it?


When is it?

The competition starts from 12-midday UK-time on Friday 9th October, and ends at 12-midday UK-time on Friday 16th of October.


Audio ads?

Yes! At AudioMob we’ve created a new audio ad format that helps game makers generate revenues and grow their business without irritating their players. While video ads take a player away from your game, interrupting their experience and your creative vision, audio ads run in the background while your players continue to play. Now we’re looking to explore highly creative ways to implement audio ads.


The task?

We want you to make a mobile game that integrates audio ads, using our platform. We want to see one thing – great gaming concepts with smart, impactful, and creative audio ad integrations that complement the game, rather than detract from it.


  • Make a mobile game with the Unity engine that uses AudioMob’s audio ad technology.
  • You can build a game of any genre, at any scale. The games can’t be NSFW.
  • Were looking for the best ideas possible, rather than the most polish. Final games will need to be functional and playable. Our judges, however, are focusing on innovative, interesting, and creative ways to integrate audio ads that feel natural to the game.
  • Make the game within seven days, alone or in a team of up to five.
  • Building on existing game prototypes is welcome.
  • More will be revealed at the competition!


Why join us?

As well as getting to create an awesome game and be among the first to work with a new monetisation technology, there are prizes. The winner will receive:

  • $1,000 in cash.
  • Promotion of your victory, game and team/studio across our own channels (social media, blog etc.).
  • Further promotional support from Ukie, and Game Analytics, including dedicated media coverage.
  • A chance to scale your game via introductions to game publishers.
  • Mentoring from AudioMob after the competition concludes.
  • Second place: $200 in cash, third place: $100, fourth place: Asset store vouchers.


Well share information about every entry and promote that through channels such as our own social media. And we’re keen to stay in touch with all who enter. If you join in you can consider yourself a friend of AudioMobs – and we hope the future is full of many more opportunities.

Click here to apply.

Terms&Conditions of the competition are linked here.

Competition deadline: 9 October 2020




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