Competition Alert: CodeVita’s global programming contest!

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The following was provided to us by CodeVita: 

Codevita is not just a game, it’s Culture! It connects people from varied backgrounds and ethnicities regardless of physical and cultural boundaries. It is also a great way to compete beyond borders and a lot of fun. At TCS, we firmly believe in this philosophy that programming can be both fun and challenging, this led to the inception of “CodeVita – To Promote Programming as a Sport”. This is the 9th season of the contest taking the joy of programming across the globe. We hope the competitive programmer in you feels the challenge and the fun!

There are three rounds: the Pre-qualifier stage (1st December), the Qualifier stage (1st week of February) and the Grand Finale (March).

Who can join?

  • All students residing in the UK & Ireland, including international students, can participate
  • Students from ALL years in higher education
  • Students from ANY academic backgrounds (with a passion for coding)
  • Students graduating from 2021 onwards

What’s in it for you?

Some of the main benefits include: the top 3 global winners will receive a monetary prize and the top 3 UK winners will gain the opportunity to work at TCS


How do I register?

  • Please click on the following link in order to register for participation: or follow this link directly through King’s CareerConnect. The website will allow you to access further information, which includes an About section, Sample Questions and an FAQ


Competition Deadline: December 1, 2020.


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