Competition Alert! 2020 Bank of England China Innovation Challenge

Time to highlight another competition opportunity! You have until 26 June to apply for Bank of England China’s 2020 BOE Innovation Challenge Competition.

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Image by Malte Lu

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to place remote working at the heart of many of our lives, many employers are pivoting their strategy to reach students through innovative digital competitions all of which can be a hugely valuable addition to your knowledge, highlighting key attributes and building new skills for your future career search and applications.

BOE Technology Group has one such opportunity we’re keen to bring to King’s students. Please note, the below has been supplied by them directly:

“On behalf of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, we are delighted to present you the opportunity for current students to join the 2020 BOE Innovation Challenge Competition.

This competition is organized by BOE Campus Recruitment Department and co-organized by BOE clubs. We encourage current college students to sign up and participate in this competition by forming a team of 2-5 people. Based on BOE’s three major business segments, Interface Devices, Smart IoT Systems, and Smart Medicine & Engineering Integration, we will develop innovative products, apply cutting-edge technologies, and propose new solutions, making an imagination of the future and using technology to change lives.

The registration is free and spots are filling up fast. Please register at your earliest convenience.

How does it work?

  1. Project Topic Selection: Display and Sensor, Smart IoT Systems, Healthcare, Future Technology.
  2. How to Register: visit the BOE Campus Recruitment website and read more about the Competition
  3. Qualifications: team registration is required (2-5 people). Current full-time college students (including international students), bachelors and above, no major or college limitation.
  4. What Will You Get: The collision of ideas between young talents from universities across the globe; Commercialization guidance from business executives and enterprise elites; Technical guidance from industrial experts and technical experts; Letter of intent for business cooperation to help with project landing.
  5. Schedule:

May 7th – June 26th: The preliminary competition registration and project submission

June 29th – July 10th: Experts evaluation of submitted projects

July 13th – July 17th: Preliminary competition result announcement

Late July: Roadshow + Final competition

Note: Due to the COVID-19 and epidemic prevention policies, roadshow and finals may be held online instead of in BOE Beijing HQ.

We look forward to your participation!