Application season: Psychometric tests with GraduateFirst

Psychometric tests tend to be the first step in most job applications- whether it be for a spring week, summer internship, or graduate programme. They are designed to streamline the hiring process and screen a large pool of candidates through a standardized measure of skills, abilities, and personality traits. Depending on the role you’re applying for, you may be looking at tests such as: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical, reasoning, or situational judgement tests.  

Regardless of what tests were tailored to your application, one thing all applicants can agree on is that a major challenge of taking psychometrics tests is that they are lengthy. So why is that? This is because many psychometric tests are designed to identify inconsistencies in responses, hence a large number of questions are rephrased to ensure a reliable measure. One of the biggest challenges for applicants is to manage the pressure and stress of the testing process whilst maintaining focus and attention over a prolonged period.  

Hence, taking practice psychometric tests is a valuable part of your preparation for the application season. It helps you familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions of psychometric tests, identify areas where you may need additional practice, and develop strategies for working efficiently under time constraints. Overall, it helps reduce anxiety and build confidence.  

King’s Careers and Employability has partnered with GraduateFirst to provide psychometric tests and assessment tools to help you prepare for your applications! GraduateFirst details job assessment tips for specific employers, and also provides a customised feedback and analysis of your performance on each test. Just register with your KCL email address, and get ready to conquer this application season!