An introduction to Keats & 5 career resources to check out today!

Keats is the central hub for our e-learning content and digital career teaching & information resources. Read on to find out everything that our Keats pages can offer you, wherever you are on your career journey!


How do I navigate King’s Careers’ Keats pages?

Students and alumni at King’s can find our Keats space via the tab “College Services” and clicking to “King’s Careers and Employability”. If you’ve not visited our Keats homepage before, you might be wondering why we first ask you where you are on your career journey. This is so that we can help you best at the place you are currently – you might be in the Discover, Focus or Action stage and this determines, what type of resources and e-learning content you will find most helpful and beneficial.


In the Discover section of Keats, you’ll find e-learning content and information resources specially tailored for students who are stilll discovering their options, unsure who they are and what they would like to do in the future.  Check out our e-learning courses “Who Am I?”, “What can I do?” and “What do I offer?” which are great ways to realise your values, interest, knowledge areas and skills around and outside your degree. This is also the section where you’ll get to explore our careers sector guides in dozens of industries (great for when you want to dive in to careers a little deeper).


In the Focus section, you’ll find e-learning and information content tailored to those who have a good idea what they would like to do, but might want to narrow their options down and develop their knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences further. Check out our resources around networking for career inspiration, information about working abroad and considering further study. Check out King’s Internships and King’s Experience Awards which will help you start finding work experience and reflecting on your developing employability.


In the Action section, we’ve gathered career resources for students who are feeling confident, action-ready and have begun to finalise their career plans for when they leave King’s. This section includes lots of great resources around job hunting, CVs, Cover letters, Interviews and Assessment Centres to help everyone who would like extra support to achieve those next career steps with confidence. The section also includes lots of material about transitioning to work and learning professional skills for the workplace.


5 Keats highlights you DON’T want to miss


Careers and Employability Resilience guide

In these uncertain times having the skills to be resilient and not give up are vital! This guide covers key ways you can help build up your resilience and tonnes of great links to resources to help you get up if you fail.


Decision making course

Our e-learning course on Decision making walks you through some techniques you can use to make difficult career decisions, as well as examine your self-awareness and reflect on careers decisions you’ve made.


Event recordings

Missed a panel event this year or want to remind yourself of what was said at one? Check out our event recordings section where you’ll find condensed versions of this past years Discover Careers In event series, featuring panels from dozens of industries!



InterviewStream is a service that allows you to take practice video interviews and review your attempts. You’ll be able to access hundreds of potential questions from an array of specific sectors. This service is great for anyone with an upcoming interview or if you just want to know what to expect when one comes up!


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a collection of video courses which all King’s students have a license to access freely. It includes thousands of professional videos, collections and courses (everything from developing your Microsoft Excel, coding, videomaking or writing skills to managing your brand or making a website!). If you have some time on your hands and want to pick up a new skill might help your employability check out some of our recommended collections:


Now that you know all about what King’s Careers & Employability offers you via Keats… what are you waiting for? Get excited, get inspired… and start your career learning journey today!