6 reasons to visit a virtual career fair… and introducing our Future Advantage Festival!

This autumn term, career fairs have moved online, and we are excited to bring our first week-long career festival to King’s students: The Future Advantage Festival!

Future Advantage Festival 2020 on the week of 28 SeptemberThe Future Advantage Festival, hosted on KEATS, will be an opportunity for King’s students across faculties and year groups to explore various current work opportunities and engage with employers virtually via exciting industry masterclasses, webinars and virtual drop-ins. In addition, we have lots of resources to get you started on your career journey: online courses and resources to help you realise your employable potential, to support you in career decision making and develop your skills.

Here are 6 reasons to visit our Future Advantage Festival…



1. It’s designed with every student in mind

Wherever you are on your career journey, the Future Advantage Festival has activities and content for you. Need help thinking about which careers interest you? Still figuring out what makes you employable? You’ve come to the right place.

If it’s your first time engaging with employers, don’t worry! Check out our video “How to Engage with Employer” from the Future Advantage KEATS page to guide you along.

If you are further on your career journey, you’ll benefit from lists of vacancies, you’ll find application support and even the chance to learn about self-employment.


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Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

2. It’s a place to find casual and part-time jobs

Part-time work has indeed taken a toll during Covid-19. However, this doesn’t mean there are no opportunities out there.

At the Future Advantage Festival, you’ll be able to find jobs in different sectors based on your interests – just navigate the different RSS feeds to find your preference and click on the job to read more!


3. You can meet employers! (virtually)

You might notice a few employer logos at the Future Advantage Festival space. Much like a traditional career fair, you will have the chance to find out more about employers and attend a live drop-in to discuss their current opportunities.

During live drop-in hours, you can ask the employer questions. You might be wondering about an opportunity they offer – or perhaps you’re interested to know more about their industry and what’s it like working in their role. Coming in prepared with a few open questions to ask the employers will make a big difference.


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Photo by Freddy Castro on Unsplash


4. Support for CV & Cover letters

If you’ve seen a work opportunity that you’d like to apply for, check out our CV and Cover letter sections to help you fast-track your application journey.  You’ll learn what a great CV looks like and receive concise written feedback on your CV via our CV Pathway and CV Checker tools. You’ll also get to know what makes a compelling cover letter on our advice sections.


5. Learn about industries from employer-run webinar events

Besides work opportunities and online learning, we have a full schedule of virtual events running across the week! You’ll also find exciting virtual masterclasses led by professionals from various industries: these events are great for diving into your favourite industry, developing your skills and knowledge further. Also, don’t forget to join in on our first Discover Careers In – panel event, all about careers in the creative arts!


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6. Develop your skills with LinkedIn Learning

Finally, a great reason to visit the Future Advantage Festival is to develop your skills with LinkedIn Learning. You’ll find our curated list of video courses from the Careers Activities dropdown, and navigating to the “LinkedIn” button, which is free to access for all King’s students.

Once you access the LinkedIn Learning website, you’ll also be able to search for thousands of online courses. Whether you’d like to develop your skills in coding, leadership, or perhaps Microsoft Excel, LinkedIn Learning is a great resource.



And that’s it! 6 reasons why you should visit the Future Advantage Festival, running all week between 28 September and 2 October! You’ll find the event on the sidebar of our King’s Careers & Employability KEATS pages – as well as the events page. Join us and get ready to #buildsuccess!