6 disability-friendly websites for students and graduates on the job hunt

Let’s talk about diverse and inclusive employers! This blog’s got you covered if you’re looking to find internships and work that helps you build success – and empowers students and graduates with disabilities!

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Inclusive jobs, inclusive employers

The transition to a remote study or work environment during Covid-19 has no doubt been a big change for our society and our daily working habits. The focus on a new, flexible working schedule has seen a huge wave to normalise accessible virtual solutions – but looking past just remote work, accessibility and a company’s focus for diversity and inclusion is an incredibly beneficial thing to look into when searching for jobs. This is even more important if you are someone with disabilities and wish to look for work that helps you build success and express your values and interests.

Without further ado… are you in the Focus or Action stage of your career journey, looking for an internship or a graduate job from inclusive employers? Whether you have a long-term health condition, a disability or are part of the neurodiverse community, these six websites are not to be missed – along with some great opportunities, they’re all about celebrating the fight for more diversity and inclusion in the workplace!


1) Internship seekers: EmployAbility Vacancy board

EmployAbility is a non-profit organisation supporting students and graduates with disabilities of all kinds.  Their web pages offer information, resources and advice. In addition, they have a vacancy board for listing current internships, graduate roles and scholarships. These opportunities are run by EmployAbility and offered in various companies.


Event calendar alert! MyPlus Student Club are running a webinar on 22 July  where leading expert in disability and student recruitment and CEO and Founder of MyPlus Students’ Club, Helen Cooke, will take you through 5 points to consider when faced with the question: ‘Do you have a disability?’. To read more and book your place, go to King’s CareerConnect!


2) Jobseekers: Disability Jobsite

The clue’s in the name! Disability Jobsite is an open job vacancy site where roles are offered by employers working together with the platform to remove barriers and develop better inclusion. They also have information for disabled job seekers, for example, interview advice for hard of hearing. They also feature a list of Disability Confident employers to help your company research.


3) Jobseekers: Stack

Stack Recruitment is all about neurodiversity and inclusion. They specialise in supporting jobseekers with autism to find successful employment with inclusive companies. Stack is a free service and requires you to register in order to start finding jobs, but they also offer specialist support for applications and finding a full-time position that works for you.


4) Internship and jobseekers: Incluzy

Incluzy is a platform who focus on increasing the access of neurodiverse people to inclusive employment opportunities. To enter the jobs board, you’ll need to sign up and upload your CV – then it’s time to start filling those applications! Incluzy works with employers and universities and has a range of vacancies available.


5) Internship seekers: Change 100

Change 100 is an internships programme run by Leonard Cheshire Charity. They are committed to supporting disabled students and graduates to access professional development opportunities. The charity offers bespoke programmes of internships, placements and a tailored online professional development programme. While their 2020 programme is currently underway, make sure to bookmark this work opportunity and apply later this year for the 2021 programme!


Wondering how King’s Careers & Employability can support you during your career journey? Head over to our Keats pages and explore a further list of resources and support available for disabled students and graduates. We also offer 30-minute one-to-one appointments through our Careers+ programme, if you’d like to have a chat with a King’s Career Consultant.

6) Internship and jobseekers: Evenbreak

Evenbreak titles their mission to be the “UK’s most accessible job board” in an aim to bring together employers who struggle to attract disabled applicants, and candidates who struggle to find inclusive employers. It’s an open jobs board where you’ll search with a keyword, location and other filters.


Image of King's Careers Keats page - click to read blogWhether you’re ready to try out an internship and narrow down your career choices, or whether you’re feeling confident about your skills and ready to take action towards your career, King’s Careers & Employability is here to support you along the way! Remember, our careers service is open for students and alumni up to two years after you graduate. If you’d like to revise applications, book a practice interview or seek advice and consultation, head over to King’s CareerConnect.