Apply for the Principal’s Global Leadership Award

In our increasingly connected world, global awareness is a prized skill. Employers are looking to hire graduates who can demonstrate informed thinking about global challenges and suggest innovative solutions to worldwide issues.

But how do you go about developing such an open-ended concept as “global awareness”?

Apply to be on the exclusive Principal’s Global Leadership Award of course!

The PGLA is an intensive course designed to develop and enhance awareness of leadership as a collaborative social practice, underpinned by the exploration of global issues. The PGLA aims to provide insights, awareness and conceptual understandings about global leadership through talks by high-profile and successful speakers; guided self-reflection; and group discussions. You’ll develop your employability through enhancing your knowledge, attributes and leadership skills, proving to future employers that you can challenge yourself to grow.

As Stephen, a recent PGLA alum, explains, the programme ensures that ‘your confidence in your own leadership abilities begins to grow’; a lesson that will stay with you as you progress through higher education and into the workplace.

Second-year undergraduates and taught postgraduates are eligible to apply to this prestigious scheme; the former are expected to invest 75 hours into this programme, and the latter will put in 100 hours over the course of the second term. The application deadline is 1 November and 20 second-year students, and 20 postgraduate students will be selected to complete the award. More details on the scheme and application forms can be found on our KEATs pages here.

If this programme isn’t for you, we have 8 other King’s Experience Awards for you to choose from. Whether you want to develop your research, leadership, or service skills, and whatever time commitment you can provide, there is a King’s Experience Award to suit you.