£28,000 Teaching Scholarships Available to Language Students

Are you a language graduate studying French, German or Spanish interested in working as a teacher? Seyran Khalili would like to make you aware of an exciting niche opportunity!

Finding job opportunities that fit with your study programme can be challenging, but from time to time unique chances show up and we cannot stand by and watch you let them go away, so here`s a short motivational guide to get a bigger picture about the role of a teacher;

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think” – Socrates

Teachers are those wonderful people who choose to always care. You will find them often finishing sentences with “that’s true, and what more?” They strive for finding better ways of explaining something and most of the time have an exciting twist to story.

The teacher has a key role as a wizard in the knowledge society. But even more challenging is the professional contact with young people who need you – and who dare to take a further leap in developing themselves. For those who really need them, they always have two minutes and listening with an open mind. This is why many students wants to be teachers – because teachers are always there.

Scholarships – what’s in it for me? The scholarships, worth £28,000 (YES – it`s all true!), are to support language graduates wishing to train as teachers of French, German or Spanish in England. These scholarships are limited so we encourage all students who are interested to apply early… (*student opens up Word Document ASAP*)

Am I eligible? You need to have a 2.1, or be predicted a 2.1, in French, German or Spanish. But the British Council may consider applications from candidates with a 2.2 or a degree in a different subject, if they can demonstrate a significant knowledge of the target language.

Applicants must have secured a training place on an eligible university-led or school-led (fee-based, non-salaried) course in England for the 2018/19 academic year, by September 2018.

Applications for September 2018 entry opened on 15 January 2018 and the first deadline is 16 March 2018. Following the above closing date, there will be a second application deadline of 01 June 2018.  Find out more on the British Council website.

Although this is only one of the many routes into teaching and funding, more opportunities are available for students, please visit Get into Teaching Website.

Application processes can be stressful and frustrating, remember you have loads of tools and resources available if you ever need help.

Best of luck!