Student Support Series: Social Support at King’s

Social support at King’s comes from the wider community such as through societies, events, webinars, other students and more!

KCLSU and Activities 

Every student at King’s is automatically a member of the King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU). KCLSU is a union of students, run  by students, for the students. Individuals can connect, have fun, build communities, share experiences and make a change as part of the union. There is always a KCLSU event happening around all campuses which allows you to relax in between classes or evcen just a stressful study session.

You can join several societies as part of the union to meet like minded people, network and build new friendships. You can also gain the experience of running a society by standing in their committee elections. Several societies such as the meditation society, yoga society etc., allow you to attend events and talks which will help you deal with mental and physical stress. Joining societies is a good way to destress and learn a new skill along with getting support from like-minded peers.

Positive Peers

Positive Peers is a wellbeing  initiative of KCLSU where students at King’s can have one-to-one talks with other students. These students are trained to help fellow students thrive and excel through creating student-only spaces where they can support and learn from each other. They are there to improve student mental health and wellbeing in whichever way possible. 

You can book a 1-2-1 chat with a positive peer where 30-45 mins is allocated for an informal chat where you can talk about whatever has been on your mind. The Positive Peers are students just like you who are trained to listen. Although they’re not trained professionals who will give you advice, they can signpost you to services that might be helpful for you. These conversations are confidential unless the Positive Peers are worried about the safety of others -then they have to inform their manager of their concerns.

They also organise peer support groups called Thrive which offer you some proactive tools to help improve your wellbeing and self-care. Thrive is a 3-part programme designed to help explore what good wellbeing and self-care looks like for you. You’ll be given tools, questions and space to think about how you can include activities into your everyday life so that you can thrive, no matter what life throws at you. They also provide several wellbeing templates such as breathing exercises, simple recipes, emotion tracker etc. They are a one stop shop for all wellbeing related issues!

KCLSU also has part-time jobs that students can apply for whilst also studying. They are a fun organisation that truly wants to support students in any way possible.

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