Uni accommodation – a Psychology students perspective

Moving into University residences at the start of your university journey or just simply moving out home into a new place is a great way to interact, build new communities and develop your independence. However, the path to your perfect first year living is never perfect, we are here to tell you some things to consider, things we wished we knew when moving in and briefly tell you how things have been different with COVID- 19.

Some quick facts about choosing the accommodation:

  • You need to complete all the four stages of accommodation booking by the 31st of May (don’t worry it’s very straightforward!)
  • You are guaranteed accommodation if King’s is your first-choice university and you are a first-year undergraduate or new international post-graduate student for academic year 21/22
  • Consider your ideal pricing, location, living necessities (shared kitchen, bathroom, etc)
A view from a studio in Atlas, Vauxhall

Questions to ask yourself when deciding between different King’s halls, private accommodation, and staying at home

  • How much does saving matter to me at this moment?

I have quite a few friends who have decided to stay at home in the first year and save to live in a flat with some friends or by themselves in the second year of university.

While a lot of students begin part-time work to earn some extra money in the first year of university, bear in mind that the programme can at times be very rigorous and you might not have the time to be very invested in work as well as university at the beginning.

  • How important to me is being around other Kings students in my accommodation?

From personal experience, living in private accommodation can make it quite difficult to organize things like nights out and make it more difficult to meet students outside your course at King’s

However private and intercollegiate halls can be a better price alternative and can give you an opportunity to make great friends outside Kings

  • Where do my priorities lie for accommodation?

There is a wide choice of Kings accommodation with a variety of locations and price ranges. You will often have to decide if you prioritize a very good room, a low price, or a central location.

Things we wish we knew before moving:

  • Some things are quite useful to bring from home

Not saying you should bring your entire house to your university flat, but some things like a duvet and proper pillows.

What I have done wrong: Having proper bedding is something I lacked terribly when I had to sleep on jackets for the few first days before going to Ikea

  • Do your research of the area

Once you know your area of residence, play around on google maps to see where the essentials are around the area. What is the closest park to you? Pharmacy? Supermarket?

What I have done wrong: The first day I moved into my accommodation I ended up going two stations by tube to the nearest supermarket only to find one in the same building as my accommodation!

  • Sharpen your basic life skills

It can be cooking, laundry or ironing, you name it! Throughout my first year I have met people who relied on pot noodles and sandwiches and their only source of nutrition, did not know how a laundry machine worked and only discovered that they had a vacuum in the last two months of uni. Don’t be like those people! While most already have the necessary skills to thrive in the university environment, it never hurts to come back to those basic life skills.


The pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety amongst all of us. However, most student accommodations including King’s have dealt with it quite efficiently.

  • Rent

Most accommodations have agreed to give back some rent if we haven’t moved-in. They have also agreed to cancel contracts or transfer them to next year if needed.

  • Wellbeing

Accommodations have well-being drop-ins where you can talk to some if you are not feeling well and 24/7 staff to help you if anything goes haywire.

  • Recommendations

It is necessary that you keep yourself updated with the latest news from the university and the government during this pandemic. Information is constantly being updated and some careful planning will be necessary before you decide to move-in. 

Where can I look for Accommodation?

Below we have listed some useful sites which are popular amongst students looking for accommodation:




best student halls

King’s Residences


Here are some testimonies of the students living in King’s Halls in their first year:

Zoe, 2nd year Psychology- Great Dover Street

“Living at Great Dover Street made my transition into university life so much easier, as I didn’t have to worry about the complexities of private accommodation. Inclusive bills, an on-site gym, and several community activities tied to King’s were some of the perks that helped me get through my first year.”

Isabella- Atlas

“I found Atlas to be a very convenient and social place to be in my first year. My studio was very spacious and I really enjoyed the proximity to the tube and the bus stations as well as the relative centrality of the accommodation.”

Valeria- Moonraker Point

“I studied at Guy’s campus, so Moonraker was an ideal accommodation for me for my first year. I loved that I could walk from the accommodation to campus in less than 15 minutes. I also really enjoyed the social aspect of Moonraker, it had lively common spaces and I met many great people!”

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