Choosing your accommodation: MSc Cribs

A huge part of being able to experience the full university experience is living away from home, however, the excitement of looking forward to this can often turn into stress when trying to find the perfect accommodation! We’re here to help!

The first thing you should be aware of is that Kings offers accommodation too! There are 10 King’s Residences around London for you to choose from which range between a budget of £155- 320.00 a week (more info can be seen at: ). These accommodations are all relatively close to campus and stations ensuring they are convenient to travel to uni and explore London giving students the perfect study-leisure balance!

However, some postgraduate students also prefer more independent, mature living options for university life! Luckily London is no short of private accommodation perfectly suited to make the MSc Crib of your dreams!

Before you start your search you need to know what your criteria are, En-suite bathroom, shared kitchen or studio flat, etc. The second most important factor to consider is location- whether you want accommodation close to your campus or whether you’d be okay traveling from a station nearby or bus!

Below we have listed some useful sites which are popular amongst students looking for accommodation:



best student halls

Those who are looking to share accommodation with other students King’s also have the handy KCL flat finder service which only takes completing a form to find the flatmate of your dreams! Find further information at :

Similarly being active and involved in our Facebook community pages allows for great opportunities for new and prospective students to socialise with other students and find flatmates too! There is often advertisements for a flatmate and accommodations which has helped a large number of students find both in the past- so don’t forget to follow our Facebook pages and social media accounts!

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