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You’ve overcome the first hurdle – getting into university. But the next challenge is what you actually need to do to prepare and bring with you. We both didn’t know anyone studying at King’s, so had no idea what to pack or to expect of the first few weeks. Both the University and the Student’s Union have lots of guidance. You can also use this blog post as a starting point and ask us any remaining questions in the offer holder Facebook group.

Before Coming to University

You may feel like you want to bring loads of things, just in case you need them. It is good to work on a balance between what you definitely need, what you have space to bring and what you can pick up when you get here or on a trip back home. Our main advice is not to worry too much as your new flat mates or course mates will be able to help you out and as we are in London you’ll be able to find anything and everything you need. The Londoners on the course will be able to give you their tips on where to go to find specific things.


Top Tips

  1. Travel light because you’ll likely be moving into a smaller room, with limited storage space. You don’t need to bring everything with you, you’ll create new memories and collect more mementos from your time at university.
  1. If you know who you’re going to be living with (some halls may tell you which flat you’ll be living with in advance so you can talk to your flatmates before moving in), coordinate what everyone can bring for the kitchen. There’s no use having two toasters and no kettle!
  1. Check out websites and forums to help you narrow down what you need. There’s a great packing list on the studentroom forum.


Most importantly – Learn how to cook a few recipes, or at least get a book and hope you’ll pick it up  sometime in the year – only the intercollegiate halls are catered. Going out to eat and getting a takeaway is always a great option, but can get expensive if you do this too often. Buying groceries to last you the week is definitely the most economical option. Cooking with your flat mates and sharing groceries will work out cheaper in the long run and allows you to get a greater variety of different foods. Most importantly, it makes cooking more exciting and is a relaxing social activity.


Must Have’s for your Room

  1. Photos of your family and friends
  1. Desk lamp for your late night work sessions, and just to brighten your room
  1. Alarm clock to help get you up for your morning lectures


Induction Week

You’ll receive a load of information from different sources during Induction week. Don’t worry if you don’t retain everything, that’s completely understandable and the lectures have foreseen that happening. Ask questions and take down notes for the key things you’re introduced to. Everyone else on the course will be in the same position as you and it is a great time to bond as you are all trying to muddle through.


Top Tips

  1. Find someone else on the course who lives in your accommodation and go together, it’s always nice to have a buddy when you’re coming into a new environment.
  1. Be open to conversation and introduce yourself to everyone you meet.



Remember, you do not need to buy any of your textbooks as you will get them as a gift in your first week. If you have time and would like to, read one of the books in the optional book club, details of which along with the most up to date offer holder information can be found here.


That is all from us for now, but we have many more tips and are happy to answer questions in the Facebook group. There is also this handy guide of 9 things to do this summer in order to be ready for university.


Good luck and see you soon,

Val and Pauline




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