Budgeting in London

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London is an amazing city full of opportunities, but we all know it can be expensive. We believe that the benefits of London outweigh the costs and we have come up with lots of ways to save money so that the cost of living here doesn’t restrict the enjoyment. There is also a handy video here from King’s

But if you want a student perspective then keep reading.

Tip 1: Student Discounts!

The cheapest time to live in London is when you’re a student. Lots of places offer student discounts and it never hurts to ask! A great starting point is to get an NUS card, which entitles you to money off at a variety of shops and restaurants (for example the Nando’s near campus does a student discount). You can get discounts off your grocery shopping and shopping sprees. Our Student Union also has great links and discounts, such as with theatre shows and top attractions. There are many things you could attend for a much lower price that you never thought you would ever be able to afford.


Tip 2: 16 – 25 Railcard

Now that your life in London has started, you can’t forget home. Not that your parents will let you forget, they’ll definitely be constantly checking up on you in your first few weeks! A 16 – 25 railcard will go a long way with 1/3 off rail fares. Even if you are not from the UK, getting a railcard will allow you to travel more and explore the country. Most importantly, if you can link your railcard and oyster card together you can get 1/3 off travel cards, as well as single off-peak travel. This means you’ll be encouraged, and not put off by costs of travelling and exploring London!


Tip 3: Getting a Job

One way to make your money go further whilst also improving your employability is to get a part time job. The University and the Student’s Union have lots of jobs on campus that pay at least the London Living Wage (currently £9.75 an hour!) and are flexible enough to fit around academic commitments. The benefit of going to a London university like King’s is that lots of the summer internships you might want to apply for are in London and you also have access to University of London careers opportunities.


Tip 4: Utilising University Facilities

Instead of getting an expensive gym membership you can use the King’s facilities which are subsidised for students, and you can also join sports societies or attend the free exercise events that run throughout the year (for example free Yoga in the wellbeing weeks around exam time). It is also so lovely to cycle or walk around London as you always discover new things and often it is just as quick to walk or cycle than to get the tube. Your council might do free bicycle lessons for around the city!


Tip 5: Getting Paid to Exercise

King’s also has an app called King’s move where you can track and get rewarded for any exercise that you do. You can exchange points for free hot drinks at the King’s cafe or you can get a King’s sweatshirt – essentially getting rewarded to exercise!


Tip 6: Ask Someone! 

The university also has trained advisors and money mentors who can help you with anything related to money such as: problems with student loans, tips for budgeting and other advice.


Do get in touch with us on Facebook (link) if you have any other questions. We are more than happy to share more tips.

All the best and hope you have a lovely January,

Val and Pauline

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