Event focusing on sexual violence and health research

Since 2017 the Sexual Violence and Health Research Network has brought together survivors, clinicians, advocates, researchers, students and others working in the field of sexual assault and abuse. The network provides a supportive and multi-disciplinary forum to discuss health-related research on sexual violence. The SVaHRN meets annually to share innovative research, introduce works in progress and participate in active discussions on the intersection of health and sexual violence.

This year’s research day will be hosted virtually by the University of Wolverhampton with organising support from the Havens SARC (King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), University of Bristol, St Mary’s Centre and King’s College London.

The event is taking place on

Thursday, 5 November 2020 13:45 – 17:00 GMT

You can register free here.

For further details please contact: sylvia.mckelvie@nhs.net

National Perpetrator Strategy


RESPECT (the UK based domestic abuse organisation) and other collaborating agencies (such as the Drive Project, SafeLives and Social Finance) have been calling for a some time for a national perpetrator strategy. This seeks to address the lack of provision for perpetrators of domestic abuse. They say ‘currently less than 1% of perpetrators receive a specialist intervention to challenge or change their behaviour. Opportunities are being missed to stop a perpetrator abusing their current victim and prevent them from moving on to their next. This failure costs the lives of two women a week and around £66bn a year in social and economic costs.’ 

This strategy bring together a cohesive argument to implement perpetrator programmes more effectively and involves bringing together over 80 signatories of support. The strategy document also argues that provision of perpetrator programmes in the UK  are patchy in their availability, as well as limited in the range of perpetrators they can reach safely, and finally variable in their quality.

You are able to access the perpetrator strategy document here.