Rivers + bugs + occasional sheep = Field trip for our new students on MSc ARM and MSc Water programmes!

With the new academic year just started, we’re delighted to have budding scientists and future water professionals join the MSc Aquatic Resources Management and MSc Water: Science and Governance programmes.  The students are already getting their hands dirty (literally!) on a residential field trip surveying rivers and lakes in Shropshire and Snowdonia.  Based at the Preston Montford Field Centre, the students will be jointly working to collect samples and survey data to assess the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of water bodies, mixed with some lab work and guest lectures.  So far the weather has been good and the surveys have been ‘monitored’ by curious sheep in the Shropshire hills.

Once again, a big welcome to the students on the two programmes, and best of luck with the rest of the field trip!


WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature applications for all 287 countries and 230 major basins launched!

WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature are sophisticated spatial policy support tools that can be applied to environment and development problems worldwide.  As well as the models and analytical tools, we have always provided a global spatial database so that these can be run anywhere globally at 1-square-km resolution for national scale applications and 1-hectare resolution for local applications.  The tools have been popular and are put to a wide range of uses but users whose study site crosses one or more of our 10 degree or 1 degree tiles have always had to run each tile separately and then stitch the results together in the systems or in GIS, after downloading the results.

After a long period in testing, we launched a new database cut by country and by major basin meaning that any of the WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature baseline and scenario tools can now be applied quickly to any of the 287 countries and 230 major basins spanning the entire globe. To use simply choose the basin or country of your choice at the define area step.