Play Greenfoot Java Games Online

Greenfoot, the Java game programming platform that we’re working on here at the University of Kent, has a cool new function: you can now export your game straight to a live web server!

Think of it as “YouTube for Java games”…

A while ago, we already added an export function that could create web pages. But one important part was missing: you still had to find your own web server and deploy your page and applet yourself. Not an easy ask for many people.

Now we are one step further: we are running a (currently experimental) web site called MyGame (, and Greenfoot can publish your game straight onto that server. The game will be instantly available for other people to play, comment, rate, …

The idea actually came up when James Gosling visited our department a while ago, and James also helped us to get the web site up and running in time for JavaOne. There, we used the site to run a programming competition. Now it’s open to everyone.

Come and play! Or even better: make your own game!!

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