A License for BlueJ?

BlueJ has always been distributed under a “free-for-any-use/free-for-non-commercial-distribution” license. We never bothered to come up with more detailed rules. Generally, I don’t like having to deal with licensing much.

But today, I came across a license that was new to me: The Beer License. Now, there is an interesting idea!

The Beer License says that in return for using this software, you will “buy the author a beer should you ever meet him/her”.

Well, that’s a license I can relate to! Maybe we should use that for BlueJ?

(On the other hand, I don’t believe changing licenses for existing systems to more restrictive rules is fair. So maybe not.) But maybe for Greenfoot…

3 thoughts on “A License for BlueJ?

  1. Hi mik, If I remember correctly you still need to buy me a beer from your time her in DK. But maybe we can call it even 😉

    Talk to you later

  2. yo! absolutely! I owe you more than a beer. I learned (tried to learn) java 5 years ago with a college professor that insisted that the only way to write java was with a text editor. Learning curve was much, much longer. I love BlueJ! Thank you for inventing it!

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