Professor Alan Read

Alan Read is Professor of Theatre in the Department of English. In the 1980s Alan was director of Rotherhithe Theatre Workshop, a neighbourhood theatre based in the Docklands area of South East London, in the 1990s he worked as a freelance writer in Barcelona and was Director of Talks at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, ( and from 1997-2006 he was Professor of Theatre at Roehampton University where he directed a five year AHRC research funded programme on performance, architecture and location exploring theatre and public ceremonial in rational housing blocks and council estates. Alan is a member of the Performance Research Group which he runs with his two performance colleagues in the English Department, Dr Lara Shalson and Dr Kelina Gotman.

Alan is currently developing the work of the Performance Foundation. As the first initiative of the Foundation, the Anatomy Theatre & Museum on the Strand was opened in October 2009 and is now running (in collaboration with the Centre for e-Research at King’s) a comprehensive programme of cross-disciplinary research events with performance at their heart.

Theatre and Performance Publications


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Articles and Book Chapters

We the Divided : Partitions of Performance in the Ceramic State. / Read, Alan.In: Kritika Kultura, Vol. 30/31, 09.2018, p. 158-188.

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