Yogyakarta – Volcanic eruptions, buried treasure and the search for community resilience.

Having flown half way around the world to share my research on how transformative learning impacts on adaptation and resilience towards disaster risk and make links with Indonesian researchers, I find myself staring at a clock. But the hands on the clock don’t move. Because they can’t. Ever. The clock I am looking at is a permanent record of a pyroclastic surge that enveloped the small settlement I am now standing in, following the eruption of Merapi volcano in 2010. The collection of everyday objects, known locally as Museum Sisa Hartaku (which translates as: ‘My remaining Treasure Museum’) were melted and twisted out of shape when burning hot clouds of ash and particulates as hot as 300 degrees Celsius surged into local homes. Thankfully, the residents had evacuated. However, their pets and animals were not so lucky. Continue reading