Three things you may not know about climate change

King’s Climate Hub scholars Dr Daniel Schillereff and Dr James Porter joined us at the Pint of Science Festival Our Society at The Britannia, Kensington on 15 May to talk about their research on climate change, joined by Dr Katrien Steenmans, a close colleague from the King’s Climate Law and Governance Centre at the Dickson Poon School of Law.

Here are three things we learnt that evening… Continue reading

Pint of Science 2018

Pint of Science is an annual international festival spread over three evenings that aims to promote interaction between academic researchers and members of the public in a casual setting.

This year the festival took place in 21 different countries and across 300 different cities on 14, 15 and 16 May.

King’s Geography has proudly provided support and funding for Pint of Science events in London for the fifth year running.  Due to the interdisciplinary nature of its research, the department contributed to two of the six King’s events; ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Our Society’. Continue reading

King’s and the London Air Quality Network tackling air pollution

You often might not be able to see or smell air pollution, but it would be difficult for you not to have seen it in the news recently. Air pollution has been linked to illness and premature death. A recent report examining the impact of exposure to air pollution across the course of a lifetime estimated that in the UK, the air pollution we breathe causes an estimated 40,000 early deaths per year. The impacts of polluted air are worse for the most vulnerable people. Air pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM), have been found to damage lung development in children and worsen existing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, particularly in older people. Furthermore, air pollution disproportionately affects the poorest in society who tend to live in areas near main roads with higher levels of air pollution. Continue reading

The Sustainable Development Goals

by Joseph Hirst

As a Geography BSc undergraduate, the natural environment holds a very important place in my heart. I wouldn’t study it otherwise! This love for the environment isn’t recent either- I was part of my secondary school’s environment team throughout my time there (including 6th form). It was no real surprise to see that I’d join the Geography Department Sustainability Champions team at King’s when I heard about its existence. Given my history, I was surprised to hear that much of the work of the sustainability champions scheme focused on the sustainable development goals, something I knew little about! These goals aren’t explicitly taught in the Geography BSc but, as I grew to learn, these goals are incredibly important for everyone – from the international community to a single undergraduate student. Continue reading

Student Profile: Asia Guerreschi, MSc student and programme student rep

Asia-GuerreschiI am currently enjoying…. MSc Climate Change: Environment, Policy and Science. Arriving at King’s from a Bachelor Arts in Communication, yet continuously passionate about protecting the planet with volunteering work in several charities, like the Jane Goodall Institute Italia, this program has opened a whole new way of looking at this topic. Continue reading

Student profile : Melanie Atwood

Melanie-atwoodMelanie is the newly elected Geography student representative for the year 1 BSc programme. 

I chose Geography… because I am truly passionate about the subject. Unlike other subjects, Geography is broad and involves not only the world around us, but also how we influence it directly. I particularly enjoy studying both the physical aspect of the subject such as glaciers as well as the human side, in particular sustainability. Continue reading

How to build resilience during emergency response: piloting the Christian Aid and King’s led START DEPP Linking Preparedness and Response in Emergency Contexts (LPRR) approach in Kenya

By Becky Murphy @Christian Aid and @Kings College London


Image; © Becky Murphy, Christian Aid

“I am because we are” (John Mbiti)

It’s mid-October in rural north Kenya. The LPRR project has travelled to Marsabit, Kenya, near the Ethiopia boarder. Here, the LPRR project implements a six-day co-developed workshop to put the LPRR approach into practice alongside both Christian Aid and CAFOD’s local partners (PACIDA, MIONET, CIFA and Caritas Maralal, Marsabit and Isiolo). After two years of research and work, the team were very excited to start putting findings into practice in Kenya and compare how it might work with the pilot conducted in Myanmar in August. Continue reading

Student Profile: Emilia Sandoghdar

Emilia is the newly elected student rep for Year 1 BA Geographers.

I chose Geography because it explains the contemporary world through every possible lens. It connects the threads between the systems and spaces we interact in and lets me be a part of our global network. I am particularly interested in the cultures of urban spaces; how the city we live in can shape our identity and how we shape the city. Geography provides me with a broad palette of topics that are pressing issues right now, like the geopolitics at the Arctic or China’s growing hegemony in African countries. Continue reading