Perspectives on the South Atlantic Webinar

On Monday 7th – Tuesday 8th December 2020, the Brazil Institute at King’s College London and the International Relations Institute of the University of São Paulo will be jointly hosting a virtual webinar entitled ‘Perspectives on the South Atlantic’. It will comprise of three open panels and an executive panel focusing on different aspects of defence and security relating to the South Atlantic region.

The three open panels will be distributed over two consecutive days:

1) Peace in the South Atlantic
This panel will discuss peace initiatives and cooperation in the South Atlantic region. It will focus on the ZOPACAS (Zone of Peace and Cooperation of the South Atlantic); multilateralism and bi-continental cooperation.

2) Maritime Security Challenges and Brazilian projection in the Gulf of Guinea
This panel will discuss the maritime security challenges rising in the Gulf of Guinea region (piracy, illicit traffics, illegal fishing, environmental crimes among others) and mining the stability of the South Atlantic space, analysing Brazilian intervention through a combined security-development approach.

3) Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
This panel looks to elaborate on the relevance of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic region in its interrelations with the South Atlantic, attempting to reflect on the present and future relevance of the region for Brazil.

Click here to see the links below for more information and panelists, and click here to register:

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