Stride: Visuals and layout

When you give up the idea of characters as your sole point of source code representation, a host of possibilities opens up to improve the visual appearance if your program. This short video shows some of then as implemented in Stride.


Stride is implemented in the Greenfoot environment, available from here.

2 thoughts on “Stride: Visuals and layout

  1. Great! I am trying it in the new BlueJ 4.0 preview release and I like it.
    However, there’s something missing: when the class isn’t declared with “extends” something and an Object method is overridden (toString() for instance), no annotation appears to mention that the method of this class is overriding the Object method. You have to add “extends Object” in the class header for the annotation to appear.

  2. Amine,

    Thank you for pointing that out. That seems to be a bug in the current version. I will put that onto our list to be fixed for the full release.

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