The Blackbox servers are here

Here they are:

blackbox servers

The new Blackbox servers (and one more for BlueJ)

These are the two servers that will run the Blackbox project. They are two Dells, each with 12 cores (24threads), 32G RAM, 2x 500G HD to mirror OS and 4x 2TB HD to get a 6TB Raid 5.

In the picture are actually three machines: The two Blackboxes are at the top. Below that, somewhat smaller, is a new server for our research group. Currently, we are running one machine that serves the BlueJ website, the Greenfoot website (including the Greenfoot Gallery), the Greenroom, the Blueroom, the CAS public website, the CAS Online site, the two book websites, our source repositories (subversion) for BlueJ, Greenfoot, and other projects, our trac site, various mailing lists, and a whole lot more. And all that on a machine that’s about seven years old with a whopping 2GB of memory — my laptop has twice as much!

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