JoC #31: More loopiness

      The First Law of Programmer Creativity: “The cost of software maintenance 
      increases with the square of the programmer’s creativity.”
            — (source unknown) 

We continue with our breakout scenario, an also with our investigation of loops. Jumping right ahead, I show you both how to write a nested loop, and why and how never to do it.

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Concepts discussedloops, while loop


One thought on “JoC #31: More loopiness

  1. josh says

    thanks for the instructions…. I am 12 and learning to use greenfoot from your videos

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    June 25, 2012, 14:48
    josh says

    also, if you could help me……… did what you did in the video, but i just need to transfer it to the first actor so i skipped the part about the second actor and then continued with the rest and i got a error about the person not knowing the variable “counter”… was there something in the part i skipped that was neccessary? my game is on the greenfoot website if you want to see it and i can give you the source code. the game is titled “first game” and my U-Name is CrazyGamer1122. _______ i am reposting this onto a more recent video so you have a better chance of seeing it.

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