JoC #21: Image manipulation – take two

      For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
             — Steven Wright

We’re getting a bit further into image manipulation. I’ll show you how an actor can change appearance by dynamically changing its image while the program is running.

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Concepts discussedimage manipulation, random numbers


8 thoughts on “JoC #21: Image manipulation – take two

  1. Thanks for getting out so many new videos.
    Our class is just finishing the Piano and our assignment is to create some sort of visual effect when keys are pressed, so these videos will help a lot.
    The size of the lessons that you are presenting is great because they are self contained, smaller bits that aren’t at all overwhelming in scope.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. @Deepraj Anti-aliasing can be switched on/off in general Java options (when the virtual machine is started) on some systems that support it. We cannot easily do that from within our code.

  3. @DianaL This may now be too late (in case your assignment is over) but Episode 23 and 24 (just published now) should be useful for this too!

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  5. Why do the balls teleport when they reach the edge and change colour? On mine, only the large balls are immune, whilst the smaller ones behave bizarrely by disappearing when they get near the wall and then reappearing where they would have bounced too. Can anyone help me?

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