JoC #10: It’s done: Play the game!

      Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.
            — Marcus Tullius Cicero

And now we’re getting to the point where you can actually control the turtle and play your game.

Download video

You can download the scenario source (as it is at the end of this episode) below. If you do: unzip first, and then open.

Concepts discussedKeyboard control, code completion, String type

Scenario download:

8 thoughts on “JoC #10: It’s done: Play the game!

  1. This is amazing and I can’t believe I have made my first game – thank you!
    I am also beginning to see how we may progress from here and may start exploring, but I can’t wait for each new episode. Keep them coming and thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity to achieve!

  2. As a complete beginner, I have been reading various books and watching youtube videos about Java for beginners. I was just about to give up, feeling it was all to much for me, with confusing code and explanations. Then I stumbled across Joy Of Code and Greenfoot, expecting just another standard video tutorial. I was completely surprised when after 5 minutes I actually understood What Mik was talking about and found it very interesting.
    Brilliant tutorials, keep up the good work. Thankyou.

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  4. My problem was that i typed in “Right” and “left”, but thought they were the mouse keys, not the key board keys.

  5. Hi everyone,
    my code did not work either. However, after invoking the method in the act method body above it worked alright! Thanks, the tutorials are great!

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