The Joy of Code, #2: Installing Greenfoot

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Straight on the heels of the first episode comes the second: Installing Greenfoot.

We’re still not quite ready to write code, but we’re getting there. Setting up the environment is important, so we’ll do that first.

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I made one mistake in the video: For running on Mac OS, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) is required as a minimum OS version (not Tiger, as I said in the video).

The links mentioned in the video are:

7 thoughts on “The Joy of Code, #2: Installing Greenfoot

  1. Greenfoot works fine on Ubuntu, but needed to edit the script /usr/bin/greenfoot for java 7. You might want to update the script sometime. Thanks for the tutorials.

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  3. I am preparing for a technology camp where I am teaching Greenfoot. What version of Greenfoot did you use to create the turtle and lettuce application? In my version It is not showing Cansee or atWorldEdge. I have used atWorldEdge before in my own code.

    • Just realised that atWorldEdge needs to be created. Still not working even though I have now created atWorldEdge as a procedure.

    • These methods did not exist in the Greenfoot API at the time the video was made, so they were defined in the Animal class in the turtle scenario. Using this scenario should still work (if you have the Animal class).

      However, in a later Greenfoot version, we have added methods ‘isAtEdge()’, ‘isTouching(java.lang.Class cls)’ and ‘removeTouching(java.lang.Class cls)’ to the Actor class. So now, using the Animal class as a superclass is not necessary anymore, and these methods can now be used.

  4. Hello Michael,

    this video from 2012 seems a bit outdated.
    Greenfoot 3.1 requires Java 8.
    It seems that every semester I start using Greenfoot, a new version of the JDK has been installed on my PC and Greenfoot no longer recognizes it…
    any hint on that?
    Greetings from Heilbronn,

    • Greenfoot includes its own JDK now (and has for some time), to avoid exactly those problems. It should now not matter which version is installed (or, indeed, if any are installed at all), since Greenfoot ships with its own. (At least on Windows and Mac; on Linux this is handled via package dependencies on the right JDK.)

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