Highs and lows of flying in the USA

I am on my way back home from a visit to the US right now. Two things just happened in the last few hours:

  1. On my flight from Atlanta to Boston, I had internet access on the plane! Woohoo! That was the first time for me that I saw that working. The previous blog post (“Comparing Scratch, Alice and Greenfoot”) was actually written and posted while at about 30,000 feet somewhere over the east coast of the US. I could actually escape watching the romcom they showed on the in-flight movie system, and do something interesting. (At least for me.) A toast to technological advancement!
  2. Going through security here in Boston (where I’m now sitting in an airport “pub”), I was selected to go through the backscatter scanner. As some people before me, I opted out. So I got a very intimate pat-down. Sigh.

Now, I really like visiting the US, but I’d feel a lot happier if I didn’t get treated like a criminal each time. The routine finger printing every time I enter here already rubs me up the wrong way, and now this.

Technology in used a good and in the wrong way.

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