It’s open: The Greenfoot Gallery

For the past few months, we have worked on creating the Greenfoot Gallery – and now it’s finally officially open.

The Greenfoot Gallery is a place for people to publish their Greenfoot scenarios, and try out other people’s work, comment on it, rate it, etc. Think of it as a kind of YouTube for Greenfoot games. Have a look!

You can use the Gallery (look at scenarios, play) straight away, or you can create an account for yourself to comment on them or upload your own.

Uploading content to the Gallery is easy: Use the ‘Export’ function in Greenfoot, and you’re almost there.

One thought on “It’s open: The Greenfoot Gallery

  1. I attended a workshop on 15th July with the Westlands School and enjoyed trying a hands on demo. I enjoyed watching the pupils develop their skills (faster than mine) and so enthused by what I hade learned I have checked out the website and will download the prog for my own use and education at home. Whoopee! I ask myself: “Self, why do you at 66 years old get so enthusiastic about these things?” Answer: You are never too old to learn.

    James Apps Cat Lover and Teaching Assistant.

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