Stupidity or just refreshing honesty?

Just as everyone else, I regularly get spam. One of the common scams are “phishing” mails – pretending to be from a bank or other institution where you might type in your password.

Today, I got one that appeared to be from the NatWest bank. With this one, the scammers actually had a better starting point with me than most, since I actually do have an account at that bank (so it’s not quite as obvious as being asked to update my details at some bank in Timbuktu that I’ve never heard of).

But I don’t think the scammers quite thought this through to the end, as you might notice looking at the URL that the “Log in” button links to – stupidity or just refreshing honesty?


9 thoughts on “Stupidity or just refreshing honesty?

  1. I would think that the place the church site is hosted got hacked. I am going to try and contact them so that they can fix this issue.

  2. It’s also funny that you took the time to smudge out your last name in the photo, but you have it posted in “Who is Michael?”.

  3. and then they tell you in the programming classes to always use descriptive names..

    @Court: Maybe “Who is Michael?” post is a scam, too 🙂

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