Greenfoot gets sound

Greenfoot, the microworld framework we’re working on at Kent, is getting closer and closer to providing a full game programming platform.
Initially, it was designed for simulations. Then it got key control. Now it gets sound.

When Greenfoot was initially designed, we were concentrating on micro worlds and simulations, inspired by systems such as Logo’s turtle and Karel the Robot. Scenarios written at the time were things such as ants and wombats. Other simulations, such as lifts, were also possible.

Then we got more and more interactive. We first added user input via direct object interaction. Planes started flying.

Then came keyboard input. One of the first key-controlled scenarios was the lunar lander, written by Poul.

Now we have added sound. Suddenly things get a lot more exciting. We are planning to release a version of Greenfoot towards the end of January, and the sound support will be in it. (When it’s out, get it here.)

Next? Mouse support is an obvious candidate on our list. But there are a lot more exciting things we are discussing. Watch this space!