Talks and presentations

14 Oct 2016: Goldsmiths College London. ‘Female Subjectivity in Classical Music: A Two City Study’. Keynote. Gender and Creative Economy Conference.

23 May 2016: Northumbria University. “Analysing gendered subjects in neoliberal times. Keynote. Girls on Film: Visualising Femininities in Contemporary Culture Conference.

5 March 2016: BBC Radio 3: Interview with Tom Service on Music Matters about the representation of women in British orchestras, listen here.

1 March 2016: BBC Radio 4:  Interviewed for Black, White and Beethoven, which explores the under-representation of black musicians in the classical music profession, listen here.

7 March 2015: BBC Radio 3: Interview with Tom Service about the report ‘Equality and Diversity in the Classical Music Profession’. Music Matters, listen here.

6 March 2015: University of Leicester. “Constructions of talent and merit in the classical music profession: negotiating inequalities and neoliberalism”. Conference: Making an entrance? A critical workshop on talent, merit, opportunity and selection in the cultural and creative industries.

28 February 2015: Guildhall School of Music & Drama. “Developing artists: exploring music graduates’ transitions into working life”. Reflective Conservatoire Conference.

17 February 2015: The Advance Network Phase 2 Closing Event. “Presentation of research report ‘Equality and Diversity in the Classical Music Profession’. London City Hall. For more information, please go here.

11 February 2015: Birmingham City University. “Insecure but free? Analysing the subjective experiences of precarious work”. Research seminar at Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research.

February 2015: Gaîté Lyrique and at La Villette, Paris. “The classical music profession in London and Berlin: precarious work, entrepreneurialism and inequalities in two creative cities”. Conference: Classical Music and its audiences in the Digital Age.

6 January 2015: Freie Universität Berlin. “Young, female and entrepreneurial? Inequalities in the cultural and creative industries”. Research Seminar at the School of Business & Economics, Management Department.

9 Dec 2014: University of Cambridge. “’I’m a business!’: investigating the ethos of entrepreneurialism in the working lives and subjectivities of musicians”. One-day workshop: Creativity and Institutions. Faculty of Music.

2 Dec 2014: London Music Masters. “Race, class and classical music: Education isn’t enough”. Speaker on panel with Shaun Bailey, Simon Robey and Kenneth Tharp. Chaired by Tom Service.

25 June 2014: University of Keele. “Gender, networking and self-promotion in the classical music sector”. Presentation as part of symposium ‘Professional, networked, authentic and yet still excluded: the persistence of gender inequalities in creative occupations” with Bridget Conor, Rosalind Gill and Stephanie Taylor. Conference: Gender, Work & Organisation 2014.

27 May 2014: Middlesex University. “Blowing your own trumpet: exploring the gendered dynamics of self- promotion”. Media Research Seminar Series.

24 May 2014: King’s College London. “Performance norms, gender and embodiment”. Study Day: The Construction of Musical Performance Norms.

23 May 2014: King’s College London. “Gender in classical music practice: exploring older and newer forms of inequalities”. Conference: Classical music as contemporary socio-cultural practice.

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