Young, Female and Entrepreneurial?

An interdisciplinary and innovative research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant reference: ES/K008765/1)

‘Young, Female and entrepreneurial?’ explores the working lives of classically trained female musicians. The project sheds light on the classical music profession, but also makes more far-reaching contributions to our understanding of work in the cultural sector and in the contemporary neoliberal era. What are the ups and downs of working in classical music? Do musicians have to be ‘entrepreneurial’ to succeed? And what is it like to be a woman in the profession? Project outputs include scholarly publications, research reports, public events, seminars and conference talks.

Please explore this site for more detailed information about the study, the research findings and the outputs.

Equality and Diversity in Classical Music – Read and download the report here

Equality and Diversity in the Classical Music Profession

This report brings together new and existing research on equality and diversity in the classical music profession. It draws on academic, policy and advocacy reports but also provides new data that has been specifically collected for this report. The aim of the report is to provide a systematic overview of issues of equality and diversity in the classical music profession by: 

1) mapping existing inequalities 2) providing explanations for why they persist 3) offering recommendations for how they can be addressed.