New Year New Start – My Experience of Coaching

Welcome back and a Happy New Year!  As 2018 begins some of you may be heading into exams and even more will probably be thinking about goals and resolutions for the new year.  To help you start the year in positive style and offer some moral and practical support during exams, King’s Wellbeing and KCLSU are running a New Year New Start campaign with a variety of activities.  More details available here

This week, we also have a testimonial from one of our coachees about their experience of wellbeing coaching and how it helped them to set and reach positive goals.

My Experience of Wellbeing Coaching

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all want to be the absolute best versions of ourselves. In our ever-changing, fast-paced and competitive society we ceaselessly strive to be better and do better. While this is an admirable attitude to have, it can come at a cost.


Over the past few years, there has been a lot of movement towards wellbeing – you may have even heard the words wellness and mindfulness being thrown around. There are so many ideas on what this entails and how you should achieve it in your life that it can all get a bit confusing! It is time to demystify it and show how simple yet important it really is.

What is wellbeing?

In a nutshell, wellbeing is a physical and mental state of being happy, healthy and comfortable in your surroundings/career/studies/life!

How does this coaching service differ from counselling?

When recommending this service to a few friends, one of the most frequent questions was: is this a counselling service? The answer is no.

Whilst both services aim to help you move forward positively in life, counselling provides a deeper level of emotional support to help you better understand your current emotional state and find coping strategies to deal with the challenges in life.  Depending on the approach, it may also look in more detail at past events for a better understanding of the present.  Wellbeing coaching looks to the future and allows you to build tangible, attainable goals for personal development  in order for you to achieve your happiest and more successful self.

As well as this, wellbeing coaching is for everyone – you can be happy and healthy and still benefit from this service! When I started using the service, I wasn’t unhappy or struggling with anything in particular.

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Going into my final year at King’s, I wanted to make sure that I was maintaining a healthy work-life balance and making the most out of my time. This is exactly what the service has helped me to achieve! Rather than telling you what to do and how to manage your life, the highly-trained wellbeing coaches engage in conversation with you and help you to come up with actionable solutions and tools that will ensure you reach your personal goals and positive change. For example, I wanted to make sure that I was getting enough study-time in during the weekdays whilst still allowing time for myself to rest, exercise and socialise. Keeping up with my studies and still getting enough sleep and me-time is so important to me, and having not been so good at maintaining this balance in the past, I knew that this was an area that I could definitely improve in.

pexels-photo-261909 (1)What wellbeing coaching has allowed me to achieve is identifying my optimal studying hours and making the most of these so that the workload is manageable rather than daunting. What’s more, coaching helped me to feel more confident in my present self and to look to the future with excitement rather than worry.

How can YOU benefit from this service?

University life comes with its challenges for every student – managing academic study, being in control of your finances, and maintaining healthy and happy relationships to name a few! Having to juggle everything can get a bit much sometimes, and every once in a while you need a bit of support and guidance.

Wellbeing coaching is all about setting goals for your future – emotional, physical, academic or professional! This service is incredibly empowering and eye-opening as it helps you tap into your inner resources in order to elicit positive and healthy change in your life

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