There’s an App for That! Part 2

It’s the first day of Winter Well-being Week, with a number of resources, events and activities designed to promote self-care during the winter months.  This can also be a financially taxing time of year (no pun intended!), with heating costs, warmer clothing and the festive season stretching our budgets that little bit further.   As promised, here is a second helping of financial well-being from our resourceful and tech-savvy money mentors Claire and Stefanie as they review a number of money saving apps.  King’s is committed to supporting all students to make the most of their money.  If you missed Claim It Week last week, you can still check out this page of resources and don’t forget that the money mentors are here throughout the academic year to offer advice on budgeting, discounts and deals, with the Student Advice team available for more complex queries.  


Monzo is a bank that allows easy tracking of your expenses. It means it does require you to apply for a Monzo account. This usually requires you to queue, but here’s a fast-track link to get a Monzo card –

There are many perks of using Monzo as it:

  • Gives you instant notification and tracks it on the app according to the different categories when you use your Monzo card. You can even add a receipt to your expenditure

Monzo1      Monzo2

  • Allows you to analyse what you spend on your expenditure
  • Freeze your card immediately from your phone if you lose your card
  • Send money instantly to others (as of now it is only to other Monzo members, but they are working to create a current account too!)


  • Top up your Monzo Card with a debit card

Handy tip! – load a certain amount into your Monzo Card per month and challenge yourself to only use your Monzo card for your purchases, forcing you to keep to your budget!

  • Use your card abroad – there are NO fees and you get the wholesale MasterCard exchange rate (meaning less stress on finding a money exchange)

It also tracks your spending when you’re abroad and gives you a summary of how much you spend when you get back to the UK!

monzo5  Monzo4

This card also allows you to withdraw cash at most cash machines for free like any other debit card. Additionally, the app can also be password protected making transactions safer.

There is also a Monzo Forum, where you can meet and ask questions to other users when you are in need of help.


Have you been in the situation when you are left with a lot of mix and match of ingredients and don’t know what to do with it? I certainly have. Rather than throwing it away or trying to randomly experiment (we have to owe up that some of us are just not cut out to be innovative culinary masters) and end up with inedible food, why not try using the Big Oven App!

Big Oven1    Big Oven 2

All you have to do is insert in the leftover ingredients that you have in your fridge/ cupboard, and it will recommend up a few recipes. OR you can even add in your own recipes into it, or browse through their numerous collection of student-friendly recipes to get inspiration from!

Afterall, waste not, want not right?

So these are 6 of our money saving apps tips! We can use anything around us – even our smart phones – to help us save money. If you have any other Money Saving App that you would like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us at or our message FB page: King’s Money Advice! We would love to hear your input too so that we can share YOUR money hacks to our fellow students!