Healthy Lifestyle – Term-time Tips

Looking for some tips for keeping healthy during the busy term?  Don’t fear, Fight The Fads are here!

Stress Eating 

Fresher’s ended and term has begun, so it’s time to get back down to some work. Balancing deadlines, lectures and our social lives means long hours in the library and health and well-being can take a back seat. So we wanted to share with you our three top tips for staying healthy during the busy term!

Meal Prep Sunday! 

On Sunday, we plan our meals for the week, and make sure we cook some additional portions so that we don’t need to spend much time cooking during the week. Prepping your weeks meals will help you eat more healthy and will also save you some pennies…We use tupperware to store meals in portions in the freezer.

Snack O’Clock

While studying it can be very easy to reach out to the vending machine in the corner of the library or pop in the nearest fast food chain. But we make sure we have enough snacks to prevent this from happening, as too many of these snacks will make you fat and also will not help you concentrate! We choose:
-fresh and dried fruits
-carrots, peppers, cucumber and celery sticks with hummus or an avocado dip

Work Out

Make sure you stay active to de-stress from a long day. Whether that’s a morning run, walking to uni/work, taking up a new sport, or having 5 minute breaks to walk up and down some stairs: Get moving! This will not only pump up your endorphins but it will also improve your concentration and mood.

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