Money-saving Tips for Thrifty Freshers

Following a fantastic Freshers’ Week, you’re now starting to get into the rhythm of uni life proper, balancing academic work, social commitments and day-to-day living.  This week, Money Mentor Claire is on hand to give her top tips for making the most of uni life, whilst looking after your money.

Top Tips for Fresher’s

So you have started Uni  – congrats! Welcome to the best years of your life.

As a third year student, I feel ancient by now, but there are a few things I wish I knew when I first started. Here are 4 tips to help you have fun, discover new things and get fit without breaking the bank.

1. Free Events

buzzBecause uni hasn’t properly started yet, and introduction lectures usually don’t fill their one hour timetabled slot, you may leave campus early with a loss of things to do. You end up going straight home as you think doing anything in London will be expensive. Think again. Websites like Londonist ( and London On The Inside ( have sections where they post, cheap and even free activities and events. They continuously update it so it is worth checking it out regularly to find ways to spice up your schedule.

 2. Apps

Lots of apps will reward you for doing very little: Harris & Hoole will give you a free coffee when you first download the app, Drinki will give you a free drink at certain bars with a check-in on Facebook, Happihour posts deals and sometimes a Flash Sale giveaway if you are lucky.

King’s Move is also perfect for King’s students. From free hot drinks to King’s clothing, you can easily stack up points by linking any sort of exercise to the app. Plus, rewards change throughout the year, so keep an eye open for new ones to re-motivate you.

 3Cheap Nights Out

After you buy a new outfit, new make up and a drink or two ready for your night out, the last thing you want to do is hand over another tenner to the guy at the door to buy a ticket – all of these things add up pretty quickly. My advice is to check for deals and discounts before you go. Often putting your name on the ‘cheap list’ on the Club Facebook Page, or going on their special ‘Student Nights’ can get you entry for half the price. Sometimes, you may even be allowed in for free if you dress up in line with the theme – do it! You may feel stupid at first, but convince a couple of friends to join you and it will be a laugh. Plus, it makes the night a lot more memorable and gives you a great story to tell in the future.

4Free Fitness

So after a few late night pizzas, and 3am kebabs and cheesy chips, you are starting to feel a bit groggy. Do not despair! While joining a gym may seems like a large commitment, and you don’t want to fork out hundreds of pounds on a year’s membership you aren’t sure you will even use, there are alternatives.

The North Face holds free training sessions every Tuesday evening at 6.15pm at their store in Regent Street, where they provide all the equipment needed for strength training, and then take you for a jog to Hyde Park.

Sweaty Betty offers free classes at their stores, and classes encompass everything from Yoga to HIIT.

Also, watch out for new gym openings – often they will give you a free day, or weekend, or even whole week pass. Fitness First also lets you trial their gym for one day if you sign up online, and as far as I know, this offer runs all year around.

So go forth and have fun! Remember that you are only a Fresher once so embrace all opportunities.

(I would like to point out that I am in no way endorsed by any of the brands or apps mentioned above. I am only spreading the word based on my own experiences)

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