Introducing Fight The Fads!

This week, Caroline, Elisabeth and Harriet aka Fight The Fads fill us in on their passion for debunking nutritional fads and promoting healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Three King’s dietitians have founded ‘Fight The Fads’ to bust food myths




There’s no such thing as a quick fix diet

We are three student dietitians at King’s: Elisabeth, Caroline and Harriet. Together, we’re Fight The Fads, a myth-busting group who tackle myths about dieting in the media and set the records straight with regular posts on FacebookInstagramTwitter (@fightthefads).

Have you been lured into low-carb, dairy-free or diets with false promises? Well if you have, we don’t blame you. With so much confusing information out there, it’s hard to know what diet to follow and who to believe. Whenever you’re online, it’s likely you’ll come across a new diet or “superfood” claiming to offer a quick fix cure for miraculous weight loss, ripped abs and a summer hot body…Oh how we wish this was true! However, a quick fix is never a solution to long-term problems (which is why it takes four years to qualify as a dietitian!)


Elisabeth (left), Caroline (centre) and Harriet (right) are fed up of nonsense diets

We’re fed up with the rise of self-styled nutritionists and “food gurus” on social media. They dish out advice without any (or questionable) nutritional qualifications. Anyone can qualify as a “nutritional therapist” for instance, with many courses offered on websites at bargain prices. For just £12 you could get yourself a diploma in child nutrition, without so much as a GCSE in science.

Dietitians are often viewed as the Nutrition police, so why should you trust us? The advice we give might not be sexy or offer a quick-fix solution, but it is based on the latest scientific research.


Alarm bells should start ringing if you see a diet which:

  • Claims you can lose more than 2-3 pounds a week
  • Makes reference to ‘miracle foods’ or ‘superfoods’
  • Restricts certain food groups or requires that you eat foods in a specific order

Make sure you follow us and keep an eye out, Fight the Fads will be posting again on the King’s Wellbeing blog soon!


Student Support Spotlight: Making the Most of your Money!

Making the Most of your Money!

In our first post in the ‘Student Support Spotlight’ series, Student Money Advisor Rachel Glover outlines the Student Advice service in general, how she can help with money-related queries, and gives some thrifty tips for making your funds go further at uni!

You can also check out these videos on ‘Money Saving Tips’ and ‘London on a Budget’ for more helpful hints.

20160208145539_IMG_9029 (002)

Student Money Advisor Rachel Glover, along with some of our wonderful Money Mentors

Who are Student Advice and how can they help me?

The Student Advice Service provides information, advice and guidance to both prospective and current students at King’s College London. The team is made up of Specialist Advisors who can advise you on a range of issues including money, housing, immigration and welfare.

I am a Student Money Advisor and I can help with your questions regarding money matters such as funding, budgeting and how to best manage your money whilst at university.

How can I access this advice and support?

You can come along to one of our drop-ins and speak to an Advisor, no appointment needed! These are weekly & across all campuses. Take a look at our drop-in schedule:

Alternatively, you can complete an Online Enquiry Form:

A member of the Advice team will then assist you with your enquiry based on your preferences. We offer appointments face to face, over the phone and even via Skype!

If you have a money-related enquiry you can email and I will be happy to answer any money questions you might have.

What advice resources are available?

We have information on our web pages: and a number of advice guides that can be downloaded. These vary from advice on banking, Council Tax and even how to do your laundry!

We also share relevant articles, information and money saving tips on our /kingsmoneyadvice Facebook page and @kingsadvice twitter account. Like and follow us now!

Our dedicated Money Mentors are a team of students that have been trained to help give you support with any money worries you might have whilst you are here. They will be out and about on our money campaigns throughout the year.

IMG_3195 (002)

What is the most important piece of advice you can give? 

I always say that budgeting is essential! A budget allows you to have some control over what you spend, plan for the future, keep a check on your income and outgoings and save a few pennies every month. Does maths make your head hurt? No fear, we have a number of resources that are here to help you with your budgeting. Start by watching the short video ‘How to make a budget’:

King’s have partnered up with to give students access to essential online budgeting tools and financial tutorials. Use your King’s email address to register for free now!

Take a look at The Money Charity’s ‘Student Moneymanual’ which is an excellent resource packed full of money facts and information – definitely worth a read over a cup of tea:

And finally, I am a big fan of car boot sales. They are brilliant for finding bargains such as ornaments for your room, but also great for useful things like kitchen equipment and stationary:


Introducing the Student Support Spotlight

Introducing the Student Support Spotlight

Although uni is an exciting time, full of challenges, we can sometimes need a little help along the way.  Sometimes we don’t always realise the array of professional support available to help with our wellbeing. Whatever the query, from housing to health, finances to faith, you can be sure at KCL that there will be a caring professional to point you in the right direction.

Each month, in this spotlight series, we outline one of the different professional services available to students; how they can help, how to get in touch and some of their work and campaigns.