Book Launch! Food, Water and Society Handbook

King’s Water is delighted to announce a book launch event for ‘The Oxford Handbook of
Food, Water and Society’ with authors Prof Tony Allan, Dr Brendan Bromwich, Dr Martin Keulertz, and Dr Anthony Colman on 17 Dec 2019 from 5pm in Room 1.03, Bush House North East Wing, King’s College London.

This book is a leading publication by Tony Allan who has been a pioneer in the field of water-food sustainability, along with former King’s Geography colleagues Brendan and Martin and long-time collaborator Tony Colman.

5.00pm Welcome by the editors Brendan Bromwich and Martin Keulertz and overview of the book and the journey  

5.10pm Introduction to the ‘three market modes’, Tony Allan 

5.20pm How the UN Koronivia process could impact the balance of power between Modes 1 and 2, And the possibility of operational transparency between Mode 2 and 3, Tony Colman

5.30pm The paradox of irrigation efficiency by Chris Perry, 

5.40pm Soil health standards: how feasible? by David Dent, UEA

5.50pm Regenerative farming – Tony Reynolds, Thurlby Grange Farm – TBC

6.00pm Natural Capital Accounts – Matthew Agarwala

6.10pm Concluding remarks