PhD Researcher Profile: Meng Zhang

Meng Zhang graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Tianjin University of Technology, China, and a master’s degree in Pollution and Environmental Control from the University of Manchester, UK. After years of study in the field of environmental science, Meng has a broad understanding and grasp of environment knowledge in water, atmosphere, solid waste, environmental monitoring and assessment. However, Meng is most interested in water environment and water ecosystem. During his master’s degree, he practiced water quality monitoring and microbial analysis in the Peak District and Prays Mountain.
Meng is now pursuing a doctorate in water pollution at the Department of Geography, King’s College London., supervised by Dr. Michael Chadwick.
Meng’s study had three main directions. First, the effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and dissolved organic carbon on water quality in time and space, and explore the relationship between their effects and land use types. Second, explore the uptake and regeneration of nitrogen, phosphorus and dissolved organic carbon at the sediment-water interface. This is crucial to the current water quality and water ecological restoration. Many studies have shown that when exogenous pollution of water bodies is effectively controlled, the water bodies may still be polluted by the release of nutrients from sediments to the overlying water. Third, explore the metabolism of river ecosystem through the change rate of dissolved oxygen.
China is facing the challenges of urban river pollution control, Meng chooses Beijing for his study. He is also doing experiment with tributaries of the Thames River in London to provide richer data on potential comparisons between the water quality of urban rivers in the two capitals.
Meng’s three water words:
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