Intrepid Explorers: Grace C Young, Aquanaut

This Thursday evening, Intrepid Explorers is kicking off the term with a special evening session by 2014 Marshall Scholar Grace C. Young.

Grace is an aquanaut who has spent weeks living under the ocean, spent last Christmas sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, and regularly performs ballet…in scuba gear.

It promises be a really fascinating evening of personal and academic stories about how we as humans encounter huge bodies of water we still know so little about.

Join the Intrepid Explorers for “Under Pressure” with Grace Young at 6pm this Thursday 6 October in the Pyramid Room (K4U.04 of the King’s Building, Strand Campus).

Event flyer for Intrepid Explorers talk by Grace Young
The Intrepid Explorers team are happy to present our first talk of the new term by aquatic biologist, marine engineer and adventurer Grace Young from Oxford University.

Come along this Thursday and be inspired by stories of hardship, hilarity, ingenuity and isolation. Grace’s research combines engineering and marine biology to develop methods of reconstructing coral reefs. She has worked at CERN developing software, NOAA helping build a marine robot to monitor fisheries, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution helping build a marine robot to map the oceans in 3D. An aquanaut, she spent two weeks living and working underwater in the Aquarius lab with Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31. An avid sailor and diver, in her spare time Grace serves as a trustee of the Oceans Project and is helping to refurbish a Cold War submarine.