Behaviour Change Workshop with WaterWise

On 12 September 2016, King’s Water and water efficiency NGO Waterwise jointly ran a workshop on behaviour change and its potential for use in the UK water sector. The aims of the workshop were:

  • To present the findings of Hazel Lewis’s recent MSc Water: Science and Governance dissertation research on the perceived barriers to the use of behaviour change techniques to participants and other interested parties
  • To provoke discussion on the potential for behaviour change in the UK water sector
  • To provide a complete discussion of both the challenges and solutions of behaviour change for the UK water sector


Seminar attendees and panel at the WaterWise workshopThe workshop was a unique opportunity bringing together researchers, water utilities, regulators and civil society. Liz Sharp from the University of Sheffield gave a highly interesting presentation on the complexities of behaviour change, which she coined as ‘mobilisation’. Sarah Rogerson, analyst at Artesia consulting, presented findings from an UKWIR study that involved the use of a very advanced water consumption monitoring technology.  Bart Schoonbaert, King’s alumni and current Principal of Strategy & Policy at Ofwat, spoke from a regulator’s perspective on behaviour change.  Julien Lancha of Advizzo discussed the potential of software for gaining behavioural insights provoked some interesting discussion. The workshop generated much discussion between the participants. It was great to see many different water companies represented and to hear about the different activities going on around the country. Hopefully this workshop will contribute to the ongoing development of the behaviour change field within the water sector.

For further details about Hazel’s dissertation research findings, contact her via Twitter: @uk_hlewis

Hazel Lewis presents her research findings during a WaterWise and King's Water joint workshop





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