New King’s Water Grants

A number of King’s Water Staff Members have recently won competitive grants for water-related research around the world. New and expanded projects are exploring water-related risk, wetland ecosystems, and aquatic sediment.

  • Bruce Malamud has led a successful large consortium bid for LANDSLIP (Landslide Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment, Preparedness and Early Warning in South Asia: Integrating Meteorology, Landscape and Society), a 4-year project with funding from NERC/DFID and under the SHEAR initiative.
  • Mark Mulligan has a new EU Horizon 2020 grant on the insurance value of ecosystems, examining the role of green infrastructure (including forests and wetlands) in affecting flood risk to a number of European cities. The project has 17 partners throughout Europe, and King’s will lead the physical science work package. Working with European insurers, the initiative will further develop the widely used WaterWorld Policy Support System into an insurance-industry relevant “Eco-actuary” system.
  • And Daniel Schillereff, George Adamson and Thomas Smith have been awarded support from the SSPP Faculty Education Fund to help student-led development of time-integrated aquatic sediment samplers powered by Arduino.  Funds will be used to purchase construction materials and students will directly contribute to the design of the sediment traps and trial different builds. The grant will also cover travel expenses for students to deploy and test their sediment traps.

Congratulations to Bruce, Mark, Daniel, George, and Tom!
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