Congrats to Kelly Gunnell

Congratulations to King’s Water PhD Researcher Kelly Gunnell, who has been awarded a 2015-2016 Fellowship with the International WaTERS Network. Kelly’s work explores The role of green infrastructure in providing hydrological ecosystem services to and within the world’s cities under climate change. Her work at King’s is also supported by the NERC-DTP Programme.


About the International WaTERS Network:

Context and Background
Over a billion worldwide lack regular access to safe drinking water. Increasing uncertainty linked with climate change exacerbates the challenge of water security—particularly for the world’s poor. The International WaTERS Research and Training Network (Water-related Training, Education and Research in the global South) addresses ongoing water governance and security challenges, with focus on the global South. ¬†Our work includes three pilot project sites; Lima (Peru), Bangalore (India) and Cape Town (South Africa) and involves researchers and practitioners from around the world.

The International WaTERS is a unique partnership with a multi-faceted approach: promoting collaborative and comparative research on urban water resilience, with specific focus on rural-urban linkages and institutional, social and equity dimensions; fostering knowledge mobilization through academic and policy dialogue in our Network and beyond; and building an extensive network of expertise available to enrich capacity and graduate training at partner institutions.

Our research is focused on equity issues related to water quality and access particularly resilience and water governance. We consider how inequity could harm the ability of our research sites to adapt to future water stress, and are interested in how this could be manifested in urban-rural linkages.

For more information about the International WATeRS Network and Fellowship Programme, please see

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