PhD Round Table on Water


The next seminar is just around the corner!!! Hope to see you there.

Tuesday 9th December 13:00 – 15:00
Speaker: Brendan Bromwich, Rebecca Farnum, Kris Chan, Kate Baker
Location: Pyramid Room

Title: PhD Round Table
As we are drawing nearer on having to decide what to study for our dissertations, we thought it would be good to host a roundtable. This will give you a chance to listen to the four PhD students talk about their research area and provide insights on what it was like when they were choosing their topics as MSc students. Each researcher will give up to a 15 minute talk on what it is that they are doing and then there will be an opportunity for Q&A after. As it is near Christmas, we will be providing pizza and/ or nibbles!
Brendan Bromwich – Intensification of water use in (dryland) agriculture
Rebecca Farnum – Utilising Environmental Resources for Peace: Informing the Constructivist-Determinist Dichotomy through Middle East Peacebuilding Efforts
Kris Chan – Environmental impact of hydroelectric power in Southeast Asia
Kate Baker – Eco-hydromorphic mechanisms and interactions in tropical rivers