What is a blog on US Global Affairs for?

This blog is a space dedicated to advanced students, research students and members of academic staff across King’s College London and international universities to publish short articles and develop ideas concerning the interdisciplinary and critical study of US global affairs. The objective of this project is to achieve a more dynamic and profound integration between King’s College and its international partners, but also, for what concerns King’s College, between the departments of European and International Studies and War Studies, History and Political Economy. Ultimately the blog aims at cultivating the study of US global affairs across King’s College. The blog therefore should be an agent for this objective, which eventually will lead towards the end of the academic year 2017/2018 to an international conference open to contributors of the blog, and to the development of an undergraduate module proposal on the interdisciplinary study of US global affairs at King’s College, fed by the contributions of participants to blog discussions.

Contributors can send their pieces to the email of the main editor – below. Contents of articles should focus on issues relating to the intersection of US global affairs with global economy, national culture and history, military strategies and trends, diplomacy, local events, economic trends, policy makers strategies, bureaucratic politics, demographic trends, etc.

Articles should be about 750 words with an op-ed style and if possible some academic knowledge (but not essential, fresh ideas are even better); referencing not necessary but possible.

This project is deeply rooted into the fundamental objectives of King’s Strategic Vision 2029 with regard to internationalisation and inter-disciplinary aspirations to “make connections across different subject boundaries”, departments and academic partners of King’s.

Zeno Leoni

PhD candidate
Department of European and International Studies
King’s College London

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