A Welcome Message from me

Hi friends!

Tah-dah!!! So this blog is now officially born! On here you will find me writing about my experiences here as a Vietnamese student, and with my highly active personality you will be reading about all sorts of things from my Anatomy Class to my part-time jobs and social lives. Hopefully I will make you think, laugh, and love England in general and King’s College London specifically:)

As a little ice-breaker, I have compiled my very own list of what you can’t miss while in London, based on what I think is unique about England compared to general Asian countries and some personal favourites. Below is a little taster – ask me for MORE!.

1)      See: National Gallery (beautiful in many ways), British Museum (massive, massive place with its hugggee collection), London Eye, Royal buildings etc., City Hall (already nice design, modern) and climb to the top to view Tower of London then go to the Tower Hamlets (remnants of a castle or something, historic). Near this area there is Tate Modern which I think is a strange place (weird abstract art (sorry!), but the British loves it so you can check out how different British art taste is). Then areas like Covent Garden, Camden Town is ok. I prefer Covent Garden but Camden Town has a really nice ice cream shop – can’t afford to miss (see below).

N.B: Read more about them on Tripadvisor – the traveller’s Bible I would say.

2)      Eat Ice cream at Chin Chin’s laboratories – Ice cream made with nitrogen gas freezing method so there is no frost. But the cool thing about them is new flavour each week – some of them are so cool, like Harry Potter’s random jelly beans! Check out their facebook

– Buy/Eat sweet treats (Britons have much sweeter tooth than Asians) at places like the Sweet Shop, Valentino Passerie…

If you like restaurants, London is Gordon Ramsay‘s territory. Try if you likeJ Look up Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus for a formal dining experience.


———————————(to be continued)————————————————–


3 thoughts on “A Welcome Message from me

  1. hey….. i liked your blog! Anatomy interests me. i am just year 11 student but i would like if you could give me some advice on educational qualifications like GCSE (particularly English, maths and science) and A-Levels that kings considers during applications for this course.
    looking forward…. thanks!!

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